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  1. Hi, great post! Just a question, how many posts do you publish when you applied for Google Adsense? I just started a blog and want to appy to. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Nomar. Nice blog you got there! I could learn a thing or two as well 🙂

      Since you are from the Netherlands, how did you discover my blog?

  2. Hi, helmi. Got a question, what do you mean by algorithm will punish you if post anything with a link? Meaning external link is bad for the post? Btw, great post!

    1. Social media generally don’t like external links. So don’t make your posts & take your readers out of the social media site.

  3. Thanks, Helmi, for such a transparent post about your journey. It’s refreshing to see the beginning of your journey. I am working on building my traffic up on my blog but it’s slow!

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