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  1. Informative, detailed and thorough content. The best article on starting a car wash business out there. I usually NEVER leave a comment on any articles but here I am. You leave me no choice but to do so
    Amazing work!

  2. very informative. So far the best detailed and thorough sharing on car wash. Awesome! Mush Appreciated. Thank you very much.

    1. That is personal. Most businesses would want a corner lot, but the rental will be significantly higher

  3. Very informative with detail explanations. Planning to open shoplot car wash. Did you know which website or blog sharing business plan for car wash? Can share the link here. Thanks for sharing this info bro.

  4. car wash is a extremely competitive market. what made you to take on this venture and do you know much about car or card wash before?
    I dont even know how to wash car. What is your advice? I’m from Sabah by the way.

  5. Hi, just wanna say thank you so much for ur sharing for the steps of opening a car wash, as this was the dream of my husband to have one which previously i still have doubts and alot of question in my mind of this business as i will be giving all my money just for him to pursue his dream.After reading on this article that you have made, my mind is simply clear now and believe that he will be able to do so.I am not looking down at hime but surely need to read more before making a big mistake as honestly i have been saving for a long time, never touching it for the sake of my kids future which now since reading ur content , i am sure that he will succeed doing this,inshallah.I feel really bless to have a person like you who can actually guide and gives an honest outcomes for the business.We have learned so much from this,ur simply amazing person and may allah swt bless u with more success on your daily life.

    1. Hi Fashmin,

      Thank you for your kind comments. This article is to share my observation and research. It is intended to give my viewers a rough estimate of how to run a car wash business. Ultimately, you have to do your own research and see if you are willing to take the risks. Everyone’s personal finance, risks, and objectives are different.

      Hope this helps!

  6. Thank you so much in sharing these information in details, u are amazing, keep up the good works and u will be rewarded somday.

  7. Thank you Helmi for the info. I had an idea of opening a car wash but I don’t have the idea how to begin. After reading your article, I decide to do more survey.

  8. Im about to sell my CarWash Business. After reading this, my 2nd thought was right. I need to make it work. The points given above are true. Its profitable and your are the boss. The main challenge now for me to get a loyal workers. Local are very hard to get and demanding like use degree to apply for the job, while foreigners to much issues.
    Also we as business owner, need to be on ground. Not invest and let people run the business. Its will be nightmare. People will treat it as their own business and not their own money…

    1. That is correct. Any business needs to be hands-on. Can’t completely hands-off & expect it to be taken care of. The world doesn’t work that way, unfortunately.Good luck in your business & thanks for reading!

  9. Thank you for providing such detailed explanation and insights. Although it was published way back in Oct 2020 it’s still is a good article. Thank you so much for writing it. Hope you can write more of stuff like this

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