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Hi, I’m Helmi, a marketer & content creator. I teach you how to grow online & get organic inbound leads through content marketing (TikTok, Twitter copywriting, YouTube videos & SEO blogs). I talk about my marketing experience & document my journey of building personal brands online as a Solo Creator.

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I share insider tips on how you can craft your ideal life as a solo Creator while optimizing your finances & self-development.

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These are the 2 brands I created to cover different niches & target audiences.

Helmi Hasan

Niche: Content Marketing & Personal Finance.

Audience: Aspiring Content Creators, people who want to optimize their personal finances & development.

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Millennial Dad My

Niche: Parenting from a Malaysian Father’s POV.

Audience: Expecting, new & existing parents in Malaysia. Perfect for advertising toys, baby gear & classes.

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