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  1. Great story there! The key lesson I learned from your article is, how important personal finance is to everyone. Unforseen circumstances happened, so we need to be financially ready for it.

      1. Am in O&G and since Covid I’ve been thinking that I don’t want to stay in this sunset industry for the next 20-30 years as it will eventually haunt me. Good that you’ve pivoted, hopefully I can follow suit next year, breaking away from traditional engineering job. Pray for my new journey!

  2. I could definitely resonate with this post, as I had to explain at job interviews when they judged candidates by “jumping companies’.

    1. Offered MSS at an engineering company as due to cutting costs ( this was OK as I already secured a job. However my other colleagues were less fortunate).

    2. Worked for a Japanese company and the CEO was unlawfully terminating staffs as they were no projects/ investment in Malaysia anymore.

    I survived both times being jobless due to having savings and I had a low commitment (small car, no credit card, no personal loan) Had a mortgage but it was undercon property and vp date only few years later.

    1. Hi Nur,

      I am happy that you can relate to my writing. The struggle is real with a lot of us. Just nobody wants to talk about it. Good thing you had savings!

  3. I personally can relate to this too. I got laid off a week before Eid. I went to work as usual without knowing it’s my last day. Had a town-hall on that day where they announced there will be lay-off. And 2 hours later, those affected received the email.

    Oh well, What to do, life goes on. 🙂

    And yes i agree with you. Saving enough money and not spending unnecessarily helps. I still haven’t landed on any job yet but i hope things will be better soon.

    1. You’re not alone!

      It’s good that you have a positive attitude!

      The world is changing rapidly and a lot of traditional industries are collapsing.

      It would be wise to look ahead and equip yourself with skills that will be relevant with the demand in the near future.

      Keep your chin up and keep trying!

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