Work Energy Book Review – Motivation for New Content Creators

What is the Work Energy Book About?

Ever wondered how successful people turn anything they touch into gold?

This book addresses people who start something and quit too soon before seeing the results that they wanted.

The gist of the book to be successful in whatever you do is to identify what is contributing 90% of your positive results and repeating it until you’re successful.

Who is this Book For?

The Work Energy book is written by Jim Harmer, an internet marketer who specializes in building successful blogs and flipping them.

The tips shared in the book apply to pretty much anything you want to do in life such as losing weight, starting a business, and building a relationship.

But because of Jim’s background, I think this book will be most beneficial for content creators (bloggers and YouTubers) who are just starting, just like me.

The Key Takeaway from the Work Energy Book

  • Picking a niche that you like and able to make you money. Similar to what I’ve discussed in finding your niche
  • Don’t discount the amount of backend work & effort successful people have to do to get them to where they are. Most people aren’t successful overnight. I’d like to quote Casey Neistat on this one:

The only thing standing between you and everything you’ve ever wanted to do in life – is doing it

Casey Neistat
  • Focus on what brings 90% of your results. This simple advice is beneficial for new content creators bombarded with the latest platforms and marketing tips.
  • The upper limit problem: A self-sabotage phenomenon where you’ll pull yourself back to a mediocracy after you’ve achieved some level of success.
  • How to get out of the ghost town phase – a phase where all bloggers have to go through when starting. It’s mentally hard to get out of if it’s your first time through a ghost town.

What I Like About the Work Energy Book

It gives me comfort & hope that my blogging journey (the one that you’re reading right now) will eventually make me a lot of money.

What I Don’t Like About the Work Energy Book

A little too many personal stories for my liking, but still acceptable.

Final Verdict

Overall, it’s an OK book that I’ll rate 6 out of 10.

It’s a great mental boost for new content creators in their first journey and need a bit of encouragement that everything will turn out OK.

I got the paperback book from the Book Depository:

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  1. “people who start something and quit too soon before seeing the results that they wanted.” Thank you, this is for me! Haha

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