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  1. Hi Helmi, came across your blog while looking up reviews on Maybank’s Global Trading platform. Already have their regular investment trading account but I’ll be opening my global account soon to buy some US stocks. It was either this or TD Ameritrade but that website required so much paperwork!

    The $25 is steep but it’s also not too bad if your stock value increases and makes up for the initial trading fee.

    1. Hey Nivell

      Thank you, actually, I am shying away from buying individual stocks because I feel I’m not good at picking out stocks. You can try Robo-Advisors like Stashaway or Wahed Invest. New blog coming up soon 🙂

  2. Speaking about dividend, how’s the payout done? Did you get check for it or was it a direct payment to your maybank transactional account?

      1. hi!
        found this and finding it a good read!
        i have invested a small amount of TALIWORK
        just to check maybank CDS System

        i got dividend from other CDS for RM8
        when i just got RM2 from Maybank…

        I wonder how much do they cut for Dividend?
        RM8 per transaction (even if u’r getting RM1000)
        or 80% from the ammount ^o^

    1. Hi Jon,

      I forgot what my broker told me before. I haven’t gotten around to sell any of my stocks yet. Will update the blog once I get to know that 🙂

    1. I believe for US stock, you can buy 1 unit if you’d like. But factor in the USD 25 transaction fee. Buying only 1 might not make much sense.

  3. I was told that when we sell our US Stocks, we will be charged a trading fee and a security & exchange fee.

  4. Bro Helmi, thanks for the post. my question is, if you sell the stocks. the charges is the same right? another 25Dollar needed. Am I correct?
    based on your experience, what is the minimum qty recommended to purchase US stocks.

  5. Hi, just want to ask why I’m been charging a minimum of RM28 for brokerage fees at my Maybank Trading account? You are saying that only 0.1% or RM8 only for value RM8k below. Thanks

    1. Hi, these are what I am charged. It might be a good idea for you to speak to your broker to find out about your fees.

    1. There is a specific way to do it. I highly recommend you to contact your broker. He/she will send you a manual on how to do all of this.

  6. Hi Helmi,

    Do we really need to engage with broker each time doing any transaction for US Stocks?
    Can’t we just do it on our own with we queing on over from the listings?

    1. You will be assigned a broker that will handle all your payments. For Malaysia stocks, you can initiate the buy/sell on the app or web, and your money will be deducted from the current account. For US stocks, you can initiate the payment, but then the broker will send you an invoice for you to manually transfer the money to a Maybank Investment account.

      Hope this helps

  7. i buy klse stock definitely cost me more than what is shown in this calculation example. Wondering why? foreigner charge of around 40 ringgit extra.

  8. Hi bro,

    For US stocks, what is the charges apply in the event We receive dividend from the stock?
    Also how the dividend money will be credited to our account?

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