Santai TTDI – Value for Money Quality Malay Restaurant

I would consider Santai TTDI to be a slightly upmarket Malay cuisine restaurant located in TTDI Kuala Lumpur.

If you’re tired of eating lackluster Malay food at the typical neighborhood Tomyam shop, this restaurant won’t disappoint.

In my opinion, this restaurant is perfect for:

  • Malaysians who want to eat PROPER authentic Malay cuisine at a reasonable price.
  • A great place for tourists to introduce themselves to authentic Malaysian cuisine & set the benchmark for the rest of your visit.

The Ambiance

The interior of the Santai TTDI restaurant
The interior of the Santai TTDI restaurant

Nothing too fancy, but you can expect an above-average level of cleanliness & staff service.

Santai TTDI Menu & Prices

Santai TTDI Food

Sup ekor (oxtail soup) & kerabu dating (beef salad) – RM60 for 2 person
Tomyam soup & kerabu mangga (mango salad)

Our favorite order every time we visit here are the:

  • Sup ekor (Thai Oxtail soup)
  • Kerabu daging (beef salad)
  • Telur dadar (Malaysian style fried omelette)

What I noticed was that most of the portion is for 2 persons. The amount was pretty generous. I would not be able to finish either the oxtail soup or the beef by myself.

The Bill – What We Paid

RM 56 for a 2 person meal

We didn’t order that much as we weren’t that hungry at the time. Our bill totaled only RM 56 for a 2 person meal.

If we were to come again & order enough food to feed 2 starving adults, I think our order could realistically hover around RM 70.

Luckily, Santai TTDI does accept AMEX cards, where I was able to earn 5% weekend cashback. Nice!

Getting to Santai TTDI

The best way to get there is to drive.

You can find street parking around this area. Parking at night won’t be much of a problem, but good luck during lunchtime.

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