Restaurant Review: Momotalo Yakiniku Japanese BBQ – Hartamas

What is it: Japanese style BBQ
Shop Area: Desa Sri Hartamas
Is Momotalo Yakiniku Halal?: Halal supplier they said
Dining Class: Atas (above average), special occasion
Dining Ambience: Casual, sit down BBQ on the table
Price Per Person to be Satisfied: ~RM 100
Will I Come Again?: Yes, but only for special occasions

Is it Worth it?: Me & my fiance ordered a few items off the menu. Some stuff was worth it, and others not so much. This blog will share with you what I’d order if I were come here again.

But first, let’s get one thing out of the way for my Muslim friends:

Is Momotalo Yakiniku Restaurant Halal?

The restaurant serves alcohol. Because of this, the restaurant is not certified Halal. However, the beef is sourced from a halal supplier. Here’s what the restaurant rep replied to my question:

There are also multiple reviews online from Muslim people. So if you’re the type that is not too uptight about restaurant halal certification, you’ll be fine dining here.

The Menu – Definetely Not Cheap

I took a picture for the first page of the menu, which is the page with the most expensive options:

Momotalo 1st page of the menu

Here’s what we ordered, the nearest plate is the Sirloin @ RM 32 a plate:

Check out the marbling on these Supreme Harami Ox short ribs @ RM 45 a plate:

This is my personal favorite, the Supreme Ox Tongue at RM 32 a plate:

Dining Experience

The meat is mostly frozen, yet cooked on a BBQ set on the table. You can grill it yourself or can get the attendant to cook the meat for you.

Despite being frozen, the meat is so good, that personally, I don’t recommend eating it with rice. But you can:

  1. Eat the cooked meat on its own.
  2. Dip the meat in the soy sauce and chili paste mixture.
  3. Wrap the meat in lettuce.

The BBQ is a little small, and can only cook 5 to 6 pieces of meat at once:

After the fat renders, the meat disappointedly looks just like any other meat. But it still taste tender and very beefy:

Total Bill & Price Per Person

We ordered 5 plates of mixed meat with a salad. The total bill was around RM 200 for both of us, which works out to be around RM 100 per person.

Best Value For Money Dish

The best dish (personal opinion) that hits the sweet spot between taste and price in comparison with other items on the same menu, is the Supeme Ox Tongue.

I never thought I’d like Ox tongue, of all things, but its super delicious. if you’ve never tried one, I highly recommend that you do:

Is it Worth it? What Will I Order Again?

Bottom line, I find this restaurant’s high price fitting the high quality of meat. It is an expensive dining experience, and I will only come again for special occasions.

I would rate this restaurants 4 out of 5 stars. I would’ve given this restaurant 5 stars if they can:

  1. Have more side dishes.
  2. Make better onigiri at RM 8 a piece.

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