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  1. You overlook far too many of the downsides of this credit card combo, which is not a great recommendation to readers. For example, the limited acceptance of AMEX, and the lack of any reward mechanism for e-wallet reloads. It’s fine if this is your choice for your spending, but touting the Maybank 2 Cards as ‘the best’ without acknowledging these pretty big downsides is just bad writing.

    1. I’ve mentioned that this is my POV. But that being said, you brought up a good point. I’ve included the cons. Thanks for taking the time to write in Jim

  2. Great article and good for you for choosing the M2 cards. If I may suggest, forget the cash back reward from the AMEX and focus on using it during weekdays as much as possible. Reason being, the 5x Treat Points (“TP”) for AMEX. For every RM2k spent, one will receive 10k TP. This can be converted to 1000 Enrich miles. But do not convert during normal period. Wait for promo which will usually give additional 20-30% points. Be patient and you’ll surely earn yourself a free overseas ticket. Fyi, thanks to the AMEX 5x TP, I’ve been to London on biz class for free
    This is what most serial credit card point hunters in Malaysia do.

    P/s: For quicker and cheaper conversion, apply for Maybank 2 Cards Premier if u qualify as the conversion rate is lower; 5k TP to 1k Enrich. The annual fee for the first year is free but dont forget to set a reminder to terminate the card on the 10th/11th month to avoid paying the annual fee. Agree with u that not worthwhile to pay annual fee esp if it’s almost RM1k per year. After about 6 mths of cooling off period, re-apply and repeat the process

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