Taman Tugu – FREE Hidden Forest Trail in Kuala Lumpur: What to Expect

The Taman Tugu trail is a newly planted forest park located just North of the KL Botanical Gardens and about a 14 min GrabCar ride away from KLCC.

The forest trail is man-made and opened on the down-low. It’s a newly developed trail park smack in the middle of Kuala Lumpur city, where even most locals don’t know of its existence.

The area was previously proposed to be a commercial project. But luckily, the government decided to protect the secondary forest and plant more trees to develop it into a proper nature park.

By coming and using the park, it will show your support to maintain existing forests and not develop it into yet another mall or condo. Check out Taman Tugu’s official website for more info.

Who is this Place for and Why?

  • Enjoy nature right in the middle of the city without driving out.
  • It’s a pretty solid idea to bring your date! Aren’t you bored with hanging out at malls and cafes all the time? Show that you have a sophisticated, nature-loving side.
  • It’s FREE.
  • It’s only a 4km trail that will take you about 1 hour of walking.
  • If you’re into trail running, this trail will be super easy.
  • It’s so near to where you stay, Balkoni Hijau KL.


  • How dense is the jungle?: It is not as thick as a proper jungle as some trees are newly planted. It still needs time to develop into a proper forest.
  • Is it educational?: Yes. Good efforts have been made by putting signboards and tags for plant names and species.
  • How difficult is the trail?: Super easy, I’ve seen people walk the trail while holding a baby. So it is family and toddler friendly. Suitable for trail running too if you’re into that.
  • Is it crowded?: Come on weekdays. But as most things in Malaysia, government projects are not advertised well, and even most Malaysians don’t know about this place.
  • How long is the hike?: You should allocate a minimum of 1 hour to complete the loop.

What the Park Looks Like

Modern Entrance
Park info at the entrance
Easy hike inside

Getting There

Taman Tugu is only about a 10 min drive (without traffic) from Balkoni Hijau. If you have your own car, free parking is provided.

Don’t have your own car? No worries. You can just use GrabCar app. It’ll cost you around RM 12 from KLCC mall:

It’ll cost you around RM10 from Balkoni Hijau KL

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