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  1. Keep us updated please. I’m into Wahed at the moment and keen to open StashAway if the timing is right.

  2. I started out with Raiz and not quite impressed so far, but it’s the only platform that offers that round-up of our purchases function for now. I do have some cash to store for a while so maybe I’ll follow your steps here with StashAway Simple.

  3. I think it’s far from what was advertised. I’m almost 3 months in but it gave a measly 0.08% compared to your 0.8%. That’s a freaking 80 cents for RM1000. Even a monthly fixed deposit easily beats its lousy returns

    1. That’s the thing about these investments. Everybody thinks that everybody’s going to win. But in reality, somebody’s got to lose. I’ve tried both Wahed & StashAway. From my experience & my account, I am happier with the returns & app UI of Wahed Invest over StashAway.

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