AES Speed Camera Locations on Malaysian Highways – Avoid Speeding Tickets

I Googled the AES speed camera locations but unfortunately, the information is disorganized and makes no logistical sense.

In this guide, regardless of where you are on the North-South highway, you’d know the exact location of the next upcoming speed camera.

Here’s how to use this guide:

  1. Determine the direction of your travel (North or South)
  2. Scroll down to find the relevant table according to your travel direction.
  3. Figure out the km mark along the highway to know your location.
  4. Find the nearest figure closest to your km location, you can estimate the next speed camera location.

Confirmed locations are the camera locations that I have verified personally. Unconfirmed means that the site is mentioned somewhere on the internet, but I couldn’t see it driving by. My advice is to slow down at the unconfirmed locations to be on the safe side.

AES Heading North on PLUS Highway

97.2Kuala Muda, Kedahconfirmed
174Bandar Baharu, Kedahconfirmed
204.6Taiping, Perakconfirmed
299.9Kampar, Perakconfirmed
375.9slim river, Perakconfirmed
151.4Pagoh, Johorunconfirmed
1Johor Bahruunconfirmed
Heading North on PLUS

AES Heading South on PLUS Highway

96.3Kuala Muda, Kedahconfirmed
166Seberang Perai, PPconfirmed
375.9slim river, Perakunconfirmed
382.8Behrang, Perakconfirmed
214.4Alor Gajah, Melakaconfirmed
185Bemban, Melakaunconfirmed
146.8Pagoh, Johorunconfirmed
85.5Sungkai, Perakunconfirmed
1Johor Bahruunconfirmed
Heading South on PLUS

AES on Elite Highway

kmLocation NameNotes & Loc
26Near Petronas Silk Highway KajangConfirmed

AES on Seremban Highway

kmLocation NameNotes & Loc
1.3Close to Sempang AirportConfirmed

Full Source: KKR Website.

I hope this has been helpful. If you’ve been traveling, while using this guide to prevent a speeding ticket, and have verified the location of the AES cameras, do let me know in the comment so I can update this post 🙂

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