How a Shower Cartridge Valve Works

If you live in an older building, you might face a problem where your shower leaks. Not from the shower head, but from the handle (where you control on/off, hot and cold). It is most likely due to a spoiled shower cartridge valve. In this video, I will show you how the cartridge shower valve looks like and how does it work.

You will learn:

  1. How many inputs and outputs are there.
  2. How does the valve control the mixture of hot and cold to provide you your desired water temperature.

Any leak is most likely possible due to a spoiled O-Ring or worn out inside mechanism preventing a proper seal. If left unrepaired, you will notice the leak gets worst. This will affect your water bill.

You can purchase the shower cartridge valve from your local hardware store. It costs about RM18 here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Most hardware owners might not even know it’s even called a ‘shower cartridge valve‘. 

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