KL Sentral Luggage Lockers

There is a 24-hour self-service locker rental service located in KL Sentral. With 3 sizes to choose from to fit your luggage sizes. This is a great option to free up your luggage burden for tourists waiting for their flight time.

For Who?

For tourists or people who have a late flight but don’t have a place to store their luggage while they wait.

Imagine you have to check out from your accommodation at 12 pm but your flight is not till later that night. It’s a lot of hassle to be dragging your luggage around while you wait.

This is why locker rentals make a lot of sense. It’s really convenient to be at KL Sentral. If you are heading to the airport, chances are you will pass through KL Sentral anyway.

Sizes & Rates of KL Sentral Lockers

There are 3 sizes of lockers, Small, Medium and Large.

You can choose depending on the size of your luggage. Obviously the bigger the locker, the more expensive it is. These are the prices per 24 hours:

  • Small = RM10
  • Medium = RM30
  • Big = RM50

Why Getting a Locker at KL Sentral Make Sense as a Traveler

KL Sentral is the hub of all public transportation in Kuala Lumpur. Look how central it is in the KL Train map

Image result for kl train map
Source from KLIA.info

If you have to check out of your accommodation at 12 pm, and have a late-night flight, storing your luggage at the city center where you have plenty of travel options to the airport later will make a lot of sense.

After your check out, store your luggage here and be on your way to enjoy and explore the city without worrying or carrying your hefty luggage.

Not to mention that KL Sentral is attached to a massive mall, Nu Sentral so you have plenty of options to kill time (food, more shopping, cafes, massage parlors, bookstore, and even a cinema).

By the time you’re ready to head to the airport, chances are that you’ll pass KL Sentral anyway. So storing your luggage at KL Sentral makes a lot of logistical sense.

Travel Options to the Airport from KL Sentral

  • Bus
  • Taxi/GrabCar
  • KLIA Express Train

If you’re done exploring the city early, you can get the bus to the airport to save some money.

If you’re late to retrieve your luggage, the fastest option to the airport will be the KLIA Express Train (32 mins).

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