[DIY]: RM 5 Solution to Reduce Train Noise Through Door Gaps With D-Seals

After spending quite a lot of money on my soundproofing window project, some noises are still coming in my apartment through the gaps from the door.

So in this DIY article, I will install D-shape door seals on my door to block out -5 dB of the train noise.

My Door That Needs D-Seals

Laundry door next to soundproofed windows

Decibel Reading Before & After Door Seal Installation

Average Reading with soundproofing windows, but Before Any D-Seals on Door38 dB45 dB
After D-Seal Installation – Average Reading 35 dB40 dB
Average Noise Reduction With D-Seals-3 dB-5 dB

Conclusion: The seals work. For an average train noise reduction of -5dB, and costing around RM 5 per door, this is a DIY project that is easy to recommend and is 100% worth it.

How Much D-Seals do You Need for 1 Door?

1 roll is 3m for double D’s

1 roll of double D seals contains 3m. If you split the roll into 2 (like how I split it in my video), you’ll end up with 6m length, which is enough to cover 1 door with a little extra just in case you have shaky hands and need to remove and realign a new one.

Where to Get the D-Seals

I purchased mine on Shopee for less than RM5 per door (3m length for double Ds) .

You can purchase them below:

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