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  1. Hi Helmi,

    Good and easy to understand article. I am considering installing Solar Energy System for my house. My monthly bill around RM 600 to RM700. What would be a typical up-front cost and long term maintenance cost for a monthly breakeven?

    I know you may have left the industry but any estimate figure will really help. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi CK, thanks for writing in.

      The cheapest solar system can offset around RM250 of electricity bills each month & would cost at least RM20k++.

      To offset your RM600 to RM700 bill entirely, you’re looking at a system that costs around RM40k (I’m quoting, please shop around).

      ROI, we’re looking at around 10 years. After that, free electricity. Long term, solar is a financial win. But many people are impatient.

      In terms of maintenance, there’s nothing to do, except if you live in a dusty area that will cover the glass, then you’ll need to hire someone to go up there and wipe the dust off your panels. But for most Malaysians, this wouldn’t be a problem.

      Usually, the contractor will sell insurance together with your panels. It’s dirt cheap starting at RM150+ a year, and it covers a lot of accidental damages. I’d take the insurance personally.

      The panels last around 25 years. The weakest point in the system is the inverter (insurance does not cover inverters), so get a quote from your contractor, on how much a replacement will cost you so you can financially prepare yourself in the worst case.

      Hope this helps!

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