Mahbub Bangsar – Simple Briyani with Ayam Bawang

I prefer simpler & lighter briyani with fewer spice pods in them, and Mahbub Bangsar is where I’d go to get my briyani fix at a slightly above average price. Expect around RM25 per person.

  • One of my favorite briyani & ayam bawang
  • Upscale dining area (renovated in 2021)
  • Decent pricing at RM25 per person
  • Street parking could be a nightmare
  • Dining tables too close to one another


The Air-conditioned area of the restaurant was renovated in 2021 & the interior design has improved by leaps & bounds from the last time.

Mahbub Bangsar has upped their brand positioning to be higher than regular mamak restaurants.

Expect busy crowds most of the time, especially during lunch. We always managed to get a table when we come here at around 8 pm.

The dining tables are very close to one another & you can hear the conversations of the neighboring diners pretty clearly.

The proximity is not a deal-breaker for us, but not ideal if you want to discuss business or something private.

Selection & Price

The selection looks like a typical mamak restaurant. But here’s what I usually order when I’m here:

  • Briyani with ayam bawang (onion chicken).
  • Peria goreng (fried bitter gourd).
  • Extra poppadoms.
Mahbub briyani with ayam bawang

Here is the price breakdown. Expect around RM25 per person:

Mahbub price breakdown dinner for 2
Mahbub price breakdown dinner for 2

Location & Parking

Considering that Mahbub is located in the infamous Bangsar Village area, expect massive jams & impossible street parking during office hours.

A stress-free parking solution would be to park at the Bangsar Village‘s parking area which is across the street from Mahbub.

Does Mahbub Deliver & Do Catering?

Mahbub Bangsar does deliver using GrabFood, but I highly recommend you to dine in instead.

Mahbub’s Website & Social Media


Balkoni Hijau’s Review

My favorite restaurant to get my Briyani fix. Not that pricey, at around RM25 per person. But parking is a nightmare.

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