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  1. I love Raiz! Instead of linking my Maybank debit card to Raiz, I link it to my MAE debit card (which I only use for small purchases from Foodpanda, Grab, Shopee, etc. after topping up a small amount, usually under RM 300 a month). In my opinion, Raiz is just the modern way of saving up your pennies into a digital “tabung”. The return is not great but still better than nothing.

    1. I have the same exact though, it’s a modern day ‘tabung’ that they will eventually invest somewhere else. It’s a quite good idea tbh like we can totally forget about those money we saved and sometimes check it out on the app, it’s good for long-time investment imo.
      Raiz partnered up with PNB, which is quite a secure place. I would love to be surprised once I checked my balance once in a while. We can also topup the investment for better return.
      But I hope they can diversify the ‘spending account’, not just Maybank.

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