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  1. Thanks for your honest review. Yes it’s a head car not a heart one. So the struggle is real. As a person who is going to retire in 1 yr it makes sense but a person who likes a good drive it doesn’t. Btw is this the new myvi 2021-2022 or the Gen 3 that you reviewed. Though I think the heart vdls head argument still remains.

    1. I rented the Mini Cooper SJW through SoCar: It was an amazing driver’s pocket rocket car. But I would never buy it as it’s expensive to maintain.

      I think a good middle ground between driving fun & reliability is the Mazda cars. You can try out a used Mazda 2. Very zippy around town. The only con is that it’s cramped at the back. But if you’re buying a car for retirement, you might not use those back seats that much.

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