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  1. Im Malaysian student staying in UK. So in the “country of residence” should be Malaysia or UK when I register my account?

    1. Honestly, I don’t think it really matters, just pick whichever country that you’re currently living in

  2. Hi .. I have made foreign transfer payment to publish my articles and although I already knew about Wise, I am very sceptical of actually using it. Thanks for your post, I decided to try out Wise to make foreign transfer to Europe. If everything goes smoothly, it will definitely optimize my future foreign transactions.

    I have created my account in Wise and at verification phase it asks for National ID and selfie.. can you share your experience?

    1. I send in my ID for their verification. I think in today’s world, any financial-related app will ask you to upload ID for verification. I understand your concerns. I am sharing my experience. But ultimately, only go through if you feel comfortable.

  3. Hi Helmi,

    Thanks for the informative article and video 🙂

    What puzzles me is that I’m unable to receive money from Australia (I’m based in Malaysia, with a Malaysian bank account). And I was told by Wise customer service is that “At the moment, we don’t offer bank details in Malaysia to receive money into your Wise account, just yet”

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