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  1. Good platform for those that want to invest but dont know any about investment.

    Plan want to invest in Wahed just for moderate plan since im also trading in klse by myself.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience, it provides a lot of insights on Robo-Advisors.
    I would like to know whether can I use Wahed Invest if I’m a non-Muslim and non-Bumiputera? Is is legal for me to start invest in Wahed Invest? Will I experience any limitations if I start invest in it?

    1. Hi Leon,

      Wahed invest is free to use for all. There are absolutely not barriers for who can use it. You don’t have to be a Muslim to use Wahed Invest. It only invests your money into things that are shariah compliant. Have a go with both and see which one works better for you. Happy investing!

  3. In light of the recent announcement, I withdrew my investment from Stashaway too! Now thinking of investing in Wahed, your articles really helps! Thanks a bunch

  4. Assalamualaikum,

    Saya masih baru dalam wahed invest. hari pertama profit 4%. hari kedua negative 0.08%. betul ke bila drop, kita perlu pump in more money jadi bila positif semula, duit kita lebih banyak. atau salah konsep ni?

    1. Bagi saya, ni mentality untuk speculator. Robo-advisor adalah untuk orang yang nak invest medium to long term dan tak nak kisah sangat market naik turun setiap hari.

      Invest sekarp mungkin (contoh setiap bulan) dan lihat pulangan long term (lebih setahun). Kalau puas hati teruskan, kalau tidak, boleh consider benda lain.

      Ini pendapat saya. Setengah orang suka speculate kena buat itu ini, kalau market macam ni, kena buat itu, bagi saya, orang yang berfikiran macam tu lagi sesuai beli saham sendiri.

  5. Great articles! I just sign up on Wahed, forgot to use your referral code .
    In portfolio allocation, i understand Wahed distribute our capital in few platform, but what it mean by Cash?

    1. Depending on your portfolio risk, cash means they will keep a bit of your money in cash. You can think of it as putting it into a bank’s savings account. Low risk, low returns.

  6. Hello, I see that earning in wahed is always changing everyday. Sometimes it is very good but tomorrow it will change.

    I’m thinking about this, for example I put 1k, should I withdraw the earning everytime I got and put in separate bank account? Can I maximise my profit that way instead of withdraw the earning let say at the end of the year which I still don’t know the value yet?

    1. I don’t think I am qualified to give you financial advice. You can do what you suggest and see how your returns are after a few years. If you’re happy, keep going, if not, try something else.

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