How to Renew Your Malaysian Car’s Road Tax Online Via MyEg’s Website

For someone new to driving in Malaysia, renewing your car’s road tax & insurance can be confusing. With online advice that is scattered, how do you know who to trust?

In this article & video, I will be sharing how I’d renew my Perodua Myvi’s road tax online:

How Much is My Car’s Road Tax?

Your vehicle’s annual road tax in Malaysia is determined by several factors such as:

  • Vehicle type: motorcycle, car, or SUV
  • Engine type: electric or normal internal combustion engine 
  • Engine capacity (cc or liters)
  • Registration type (private company car)

Below is a table of road tax prices for popular private cars & SUVs in Malaysia:

Car ExampleTypeEngine Capacity (L)Road Tax (RM)
Perodua Axia, AtivaCar1.0LRM 20
Perodua MyviCar1.3LRM 70
Honda Civic TurboCar1.5LRM 90
Mazda CX-5SUV2.0LRM 360

Check out the Ministry of Transportations website to view the entire price list for all cars, motorcycles & electric cars.

To have a more accurate estimation for your car’s road tax charges, click on’s road tax calculator.

Where Can I Renew My Car’s Road Tax?

There are 2 popular ways to renew your Malaysian car’s road tax

Physical walk-inPos Malaysia
OnlineMyEG Website

If you prefer to walk in at the Post office, you’ll need to bring your IC, car’s grant, or your past year’s insurance papers. Click here to check the nearest pejabat Pos near you.

The rest of this article will show you how I renew my road tax on the MyEG website:

Renewing Road Tax on MyEG Website

MyEG is a website that bridges the Malaysian government’s services to its citizens. 

The website is not user-friendly so I will be guiding you through the step-by-step process:

  1. Log in to MyEg’s website:
  2. Click on ‘Check & Pay Road Tax
  3. Log in to your MyEg account or create one.

Once you’re on the MyEg website, fill out the car’s legal owner’s details:

  1. IC number
  2. Full name
  3. Vehicle registration number
  4. Phone number
  5. email

IMO, it’s a little ridiculous that they would ask so many questions to renew the road tax.

It’s OK if it’s my car, as I’d know my details, but imagine if you want to help renew someone else’s road tax. You’d need all their details.

Check Out Process

At check out, there’s an abnormal amount of extra fees that brought my original RM90 renewal price to RM99.28. A whopping 10% increase:

Unnecessary FeesRM
e-Services charge (seriously, what is this?)RM 2.75
Service fee tax (6%)RM 0.17
Delivery chargeRM 6
Delivery fee tax (6%)RM 0.36
MyEg’s ridiculous extra fees

The next step is to make an online payment & you’ll get your road tax delivered within 2 to 3 days.

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