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  1. Great analysis helmi. Especially on the benchmarking comparison table. Was casually looking for a new ride in the next year or so. I agree with your “buy with heart & head” point. Will use this as a guide. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! I’ve been buying cars with my head for over 10 years. Then intest drove the CX-5 turbo. Man, I missed out all my life!

      Buy a car with a nice balance of brain and ❤️ is my next move

  2. Brake hold is a must! Lol. I dont know why some people never appreciate this feature. It’s kind of a life-changing button for me.

  3. You never fully understand the usefullness of a tall car until you have to put a tiny baby/ struggling tod in/out of the carseat at least twice a day. We changed from a sedan to an SUV and it made all the difference.

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