How to Get Unlimited Content Ideas -Consultation with a Solo Biz Owner

What I Learned from My 2nd Consulting Client.

If you’re a solo business owner, saying that you’re busy is an understatement.

Finding time to create content & manage your daily business tasks can be BRUTAL.

So in this article, I’ll share a framework of how I helped my 2nd consultation client get unlimited content ideas while keeping her sanity & how you can too.

Client profile

Wawa runs, a custom online gifts. 

But, there is something funny or ironic about Wawa. She has WAY more followers on TikTok & IG than me. 

This shows that your follower count means nothing in the real world. The depth of your content & how you personal brand yourself is ultimately what determines your authority.

Anyway, back to Wawa. She’s currently facing several problems,

& wanted to grow her sales to the next level.

Let me tell her story in a way that you’ll find relatable👇

Time management

Wawa claimed she’s having difficulties finding time to create content for her business.

If she’s creating content, she can’t run her day to day stuff & vice versa. As a solo business myself, this hits pretty close to home.

But I told her that time management might not be the root of her problem, but not having solid content ideas lined up is.

If you were to have a backlog of solid content ideas to create, you’d know what to prioritize each day now wouldn’t you?

But since she didn’t have any backlogged content ideas ready to go, she finds it hard to ‘find time’ to create content.

So we put this point on hold for now as the root of this problem is related to other problems that she has.

Going viral is not the answer

Online followers are vanity metrics. It doesn’t matter if you have 10,000 or 100,000 followers. Having many followers is cool, but if most won’t convert into customers, then what’s the point?

Throughout your journey creating content, you may have several content that went ‘viral.’ After 2, max 3 days, the traffic dies off. It went as quickly as it came. Along with that, not much sales.

So what does most do? That’s right, create more content, in hopes that the next one will go viral too. Not realizing that we trap ourselves in an infinite pointless viral content loop. 

Does this sound familiar?

Instead, I came up with Helmi’s Content Framework (HCF) to help you expand 1 message into multiple stories & content ideas.

This requies a bit of practice, but once you’re familiar, You’ll be a CONTENT MACHINE.

Here’s a quick overview of the HCF:

  1. Identify a problem that your content is solving.
  2. What is the solution to that problem (your message).
  3. Who is the audience?
  4. Wrap all the above in a relatable story.

Once she knows the message to convey, the next step is to deliver that message in a relatable & interesting story.

Powerful storytelling

She heard from various online gurus to create valuable content, she needs to do storytelling.

But what does that mean, she asked. “Do I need to talk about my personal life? Or talk about my day? How to relate your story back to the product?”

It’s quite funny how people take it literally. But here’s my definition:

Storytelling in our context means using a personal yet relatable story to deliver your message.

An effective storytelling technique can help anyone sell anything.

Let me show you a real life example, I wrote this thread to sell insurance (an incredibly boring product). There were many warm leads that came from that thread. So I encourage you to read this tread & study why it’s an example of powerful storytelling👇

Key takeaway

The key takeaway Wawa enjoyed the most from my 1-hour consulting session is the Helmi Content Framework (HCF). She liked that I taught her how to never be short with content ideas anymore.

So, if you’re a Creator & find yourself:

  • stuck
  • overwhelmed
  • don’t know how to tell a story

Don’t give up.

There is still hope. Click below for more info:

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