Creator Roundup – 3rd Week of Feb 2023

Hi guys, 

I’m trying out a new series, where I compile all the happenings in the past week that can help you grow in the topics of:

  1. Content creation
  2. Personal Finance

The 1-Sided Deal

Creators beware, as you grow your content career, it’s a milestone to get approached by brands for a collab.

But I want you to be careful of predatory brands who want to take advantage of new & naive Creators.

They want you to do all their dirty work while paying you peanuts.

Here’s an example👇

I politely replied that the deal is one-sided & showed them my rate card to produce a TikTok video in 2 scenarios:

  1. I create 1 video about their product on my channels – $XX
  2. I create 1 video & they can do whatever they want like run ads & claim their content as their own (full rights) – $XXXX

They replied with ‘OK’ and disappeared.

Moral of the Story: There are plenty of brands who want to take you for a ride because they know you’re new. Be careful & don’t be afraid to give them your rates or walk away from a bad deal.

How Much Are People Willing to Spend on Online Courses?

As I am in the midst of completing my very 1st Digital Course: The Creator Bootcamp for Busy Professionals (CBBP), I wanted to see how much my audiences are comfortable paying for an online product. 

Here’s what you guys say. 

Scroll down to see the comments & Quote Retweets👇

Moral of the Story: People (especially Malaysians) are used to paying top dollar for specific courses. Make sure you overdeliver in value!

The Sad State of Malaysian Town Planning

As Malaysian politicians are pro-cars (because they profit from car sales), this is what Malaysians have to deal with every day to go to work👇

Moral of the Story: It may seem like a shot in the dark, but I believe the more we voice out that we want a city designed for pedestrians & not for cars, sooner or later, developers & the government may take notice to create the change.

Most Retweeted: Fancy Dinner Restaurant Recommendations

This relatable tweet got 700k+ impressions as people want proper recommendations for a fancy dinner in KL.

Ditch the sponsored listicle blog posts & see what Malaysians are recommending below👇

How to Get Your Fav Brands to Collab with You

Some tips to get your fav brand to notice & ultimately collab with you. 

As endorsed by other creators👇

Upcoming CBBP

As I’ve mentioned before, I am currently working on my very first digital product, the Creator Bootcamp for Busy Professionals (CBBP).

It is currently at 20% completion as I want to make sure that the quality is top-notch during the launch in 2 to 3 weeks.

If you are a content creator & stuck at your current stage, here’s how the CBBP can help you:

✅ Unlock new opportunities (career, networking, income)
✅ Brand yourself as a professional Creator
✅ Stop being ignored & network with influential people
✅ Start earning extra income (affiliate, sponsorships, etc).
✅ Start part-time without quitting your day job

A quick glimpse of the comprehensive modules:

Join the waitlist below to get a special discount during the launch (the discount is only for my email subscribers):

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