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The Power of a Personal Brand

I’ve seen Creators who started as a side hustle but now doing it full-time at home while taking care of their kids & making bank.

If played right, content can turn anybody into somebody

Not going to lie, I want a piece of that sweet internet money pie.

But, I have a problem with this whole ‘Influencer’ thing. 

I don’t want to be known for chasing trends, doing dumb dances, giving out generic bits of advice or promoting plastic crap on TikTok.

I crave to build an audience of die-hard fans who share my world views, my aspirations & support the online business that I’m growing. 

I don’t want to ‘pick a niche’ and get boxed in. 

I wanted to talk about many things online, yet be remembered as an authority online.

With proper brand positioning, you can build a powerful online brand without the confusion & feeling like an imposter.

Being a Creator shouldn’t be hard…

You’ve heard online ‘content gurus’ preaching:

  • Be on YouTube!
  • Create short videos on TikTok!
  • Write on Twitter!
  • Set up a blog!
  • Start a newsletter!
  • Niche down!
  • Use trending music, hashtags & effects!
  • Post consistently every day!

Sounds familiar?

These generic pieces of advice don’t work for everybody.

No wonder Creators get confused, as you’re spreading yourself too thin, get overwhelmed & give up.

On top of being a Creator, you’d probably have a full-time job & a family to take care of.

Going viral is not the answer…

Throughout your journey as a Creator, you might achieve a few viral content.

Nice, a boost of happiness only to realize after the virality fades (usually in 2 or 3 days), you didn’t earn anything & your traffic goes away as fast as it came

Now you’re scratching your head, wondering what content to create next that will go ‘viral?’ only to trap yourself in an infinite, pointless content creation loop. 

What’s the point of all of this? 

Hi, I’m Helmi & here’s how I can help you get unstuck

Are you going through these too?

  • Do you envision a life where can’t wait to spring out of bed each morning to work on your brand but don’t know how to turn this dream into a reality?
  • Don’t know how to brand yourself online & feel embarrassed if your friends, family or boss find out?
  • Can’t pick a niche because you have too many interests & don’t want to be boxed in the future?
  • Don’t know what content to create without feeling like an imposter?
  • Spreading yourself too thin. You don’t know which platform to focus on. Should it be YouTube, TikTok, blog, LinkedIn or Twitter?
  • Don’t know how you can stand out in an extremely competitive & established niche?
  • Do you feel creating viral content is pointless & doesn’t bring you meaningful growth?
  • Are you overwhelmed & spreading yourself too thin with all the content strategies you hear online?
  • Don’t know how to consistently create deep, meaningful content that resonates with your audience & creates raving fans?
  • Even if you already have a following online, you’re broke, and can’t figure out how to monetize your audience?
  • You don’t know how to package your expertise & experiences into a profitable Offer?
  • Don’t want to rely 100% on promoting products you’re not aligned with to earn online income.

How Helmi’s Content Framework (HCF) can help you grow online

Throughout my experience teaching people online, I’ve invented the Helmi’s Content Framework (HCF) to help my clients succeed. With this framework, you’ll:

  • Never run out of meaningful content ideas.
  • Ensure each content has maximum impact.
  • More free time & less stress.
  • More online earning potential.
  • Collab with people & brands you admire.
  • Wake up eager to do what you love.
  • Leave a positive impact on the world.
  • Feel fulfilled by inspiring others.
  • Monetize your interests.
  • Change niches without losing influence.
  • Action plan for the next 3 months.

Stop buying courses. If you’re stuck, speaking to the right person when you’re wrangling with doubt and uncertainty is one of the smartest moves you can make.

Coaching Testimonials

Each of these clients had the ‘aha!’ twinkle in their eyes during my consultation:

Syasyahiera – YouTube channel

Founder of custom giftshop –

Founder of


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