Creator Podcast – Aqalili Full-Time Creator with Only 1700 Followers!

In the Helmi’s Creator Podcast, I interview Creators & ask them how they get started & make a living as a Creator to help inspire confidence in new Creators.

In this pilot episode, I interviewed Aqalili Azizan (Lili), a lifestyle SEO writer & UGC creator who’s making a full-time living as a Creator.

I cover topics such as:

0:00 – Video starts
0:40 – What did you study in college?
1:00 – How did you start being a Creator?
4:11 – Who was your 1st client?
6:16 – How do you make money as a Creator?
7:28 – Which content type is in demand?
12:21 – Rough pricing for UGC content
13:51 – The most in-demand content platform?

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