How to Register Your New Born Baby at Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN)

Just had a baby? Congratulations! 

In my previous two articles, I shared our medical check-up costs during pregnancy & the total medical bill at the hospital for delivering our firstborn. 

In this article, I will share how to register your newborn at Malaysia’s nearest JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) branch. 

We all know how tedious government officers are when dealing with paperwork.

So in this article, I want to ensure you have everything ready BEFORE heading over. 

Get All Your Documents Ready

The hospital nurse will walk through all the paperwork required to register your baby at JPN during the discharge process.

Here are the documents you need to bring to the registration office (JPN). Make sure to save these documents in 2 separate folders.

  1. The set of original documents
  2. The copy of the documents

As for the marriage certificate (surat nikah), I had to pick it up from the Pejabat Agama Putrajaya as I didn’t have time to go there during MCO (Covid Lockdown).

So if you haven’t picked up your official marriage certificate, you need to do that first, as it is a requirement for the baby’s registration process. 

Document ChecklistOriginalPhotocopy
Birth Registration Form (from the hospital)
Birth Confirmation Letter (from the hospital)
The Mother’s Prenatal Card (or KKK Pink Book)
Father’s IC Card ✅ (both sides on 1 A4 paper)
Mother’s IC Card✅ (both sides on 1 A4 paper)
Marriage Certification (Original Surat Nikah)✅ (both sides on 1 A4 paper)

WARNING: Filling Up the Birth Registration Form

The birth registration form is SUPER IMPORTANT. DO NOT have any mistakes in it whatsoever!

The birth registrar will not accept any sloppy forms or handwritten mistakes. 

Once rejected, you will need to do a police report & go back to the hospital to ask them for another official birth registration form.


So I highly recommend you copy the form, then fill out the copied version first as a draft.

Make sure everything looks good, and show the draft to your spouse to triple-check that everything is correct & in order. 

Once everything checks out, sit down on a proper table & fill out the form with a black ball pen.

Head Over to Your Nearest JPN Branch

Once you have prepared all the documents above, locate your nearest JPN branch & head over as soon as it’s open.

Parking is usually a complete nightmare. I highly recommend you use Grab or a motorcycle to get here instead of driving.

For me, the nearest JPN was at Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur. At 8 am sharp, I took my queue number as their first customer of the day.


I waited less than 10 minutes for my turn, then gave all the documents to the officer.

He checked everything & keyed in my son’s birth certificate draft for me to scrutinize one last time before he printed the official birth certificate.

Once done, he asked me to wait, and another booth called out my son’s name when the official birth certificate was ready.

All in, from the time I stepped into the office at 8:00 am shart, everything was done by 8:27 am.

Not bad! The birth registration office is not as busy as the other departments (IC, Passport & Immigration).

My Son’s MyKID Card

Regarding my son’s MyKID card (a child’s Malaysian ID card), the officer said I could pick it up after 1 month.

He gave me a slip where I can check the status of the MyKID card.


Check out JPN’s official website & good luck!

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