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Helmi Hasan

Niche: Creator, Personal Finance & Development

Audience: Aspiring Content Creators, people who want to optimize their personal finances & development.

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Millennial Dad My

Niche: Malaysian Parenting.

Audience: Expecting, new & existing parents in Malaysia. Perfect for advertising toys, baby gear & classes.

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Advertising Prices

Article (Max 1200 words)3k readers a monthRM 700 Delyva
Webinar / talksRM 1,000Speaking gigs
YouTube video
(max 5 mins)
30k views a monthRM 1,500
YouTube video
(max 10 mins)
30k views a monthRM 2,000Wise 1
Wise 2
Involve Asia
YouTube preroll/ midroll ad30k views a monthRM 700
TikTok + IG Reels + YT Shorts248k views a month (TikTok)RM 200IPC Mall

Terms & Conditions

  1. This is my current rate & is subject to changes at any moment without notice.
  2. *My content only helps with exposure. I do not guarantee an increase in sales etc as there are too many variables (algorithm updates) that are out of my control.
  3. No refunds.
  4. No illegal / scam products. I have the right to deny any promotions if it does not fit my brand.

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