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Create, Not Find Your Niche

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About Course

Stuck or Overwhelmed as a Creator?

If you are a new content creator, creating content solely on your interests may not be sustainable if there isn’t a way for you to earn money from it.

The fastest way to grow online is to correctly pick a niche from the start that suits your experiences, personality & market demand.

But, easier said than done…

What Will You Learn?

  • Niche clarity. You'll know exactly what content to personal brand yourself online.
  • You'll feel fulfilled as you'll do something you love that can potentially pay you good money.

Course Content

Create, Not Find Your Niche

  • Your Niche vs Your Personal Brand
  • Your Content Pillars & Sub-Topics
  • Example of How I Picked My 3 Content Pillars
  • Why 3 Content Pillars?

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1 year ago
A simple concept, direct to the point explanation and with relatable example, throughout the 4 episodes. I would recommend to any content creator out there who want to go back to the basic, as this course provide exactly that. I have finally finished this course after a few month of enrolling into it. It took some time not because of the length of the video, but my procrastinating behaviour haha.