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Being a digital creator is hard. It’s hard enough to create content if you’re juggling family commitments & brutal work commute, let alone if you’re a part-time Creator.

I find the below tips work well for me:

  • Use the Notion template for your main project overview.
  • Use a bullet journal to self-reflect on your daily progress. 
  • Find a min of 2 hours of uninterrupted dedicated work.
  • Don’t skip out on healthy meals & exercising regularly.
  • Visualize your goals & work towards them every day (manifestation).

There’s one aspect of my daily life that I enjoy doing but is draining a lot of my time & energy, and that is cooking or prepping meals.

In order to save time, energy & sanity, I use meal prep companies like Yolo Foods to prepare high-quality frozen meals for the next 1 to 2 weeks. 

I don’t eat prepped meals every day, but they definitely help to ease the burden of:

  • Constantly having to think about what to cook
  • Wasting time buying groceries
  • Prepping & cooking the ingredients
  • Cleaning up after myself

Just imagine the cumulative time I’ve saved from not having to do all of the above. That saved time can be channeled into creating content & building my brand.

So if you’re a Creator residing in Malaysia, I highly recommend you check Yolo Foods out. 

  1. Halal certified
  2. Healthy, convenient, high-quality meals ready in 3 minutes

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