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Creator Success Blueprint – (Free Preview)
Get your foundations right, before you waste your time creating a single content.

Secrets to Finding Your Perfect Niche
For people with multiple interests & want to easily change in the future

Effortlessly SMASH Competition

Roadmap to Unlimited Content Ideas

Instant Persuasive Copywriting

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Painless Creator Automation Tools

Charismatic Networking – Make People Say YES

How to Make Money from Your Influence

Giving Up? The Creator Mental Game

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2 months ago
Long ago when I was still young & newb in my early 20s, still an undergrad student in Dentistry, I was really, really obsessed to get rich, a millionaire. But, as I grow older (I'm 27 years old btw at the moment), I realize, the greatest wealth is freedom. I mean financial & time freedom, not necessarily super rich or famous. I believe money is a tool to buy freedom and my goal is to be free financially in my 30s to buy time to spend more time with myself & my family.

I tried many things during my early 20s to get famous. I like to work out & managed to get a 'Hollywood physique'. Not to brag, but I have 10 years of experience in this industry & I have a lot of experience & mistakes along with it. And I still have a lot to learn & improve myself upon it. Because as you said, we are busy professionals, and we are 'lack' time, to focus on building our dream body like bodybuilders, that are practically living in the gym.

So I want to teach people how to achieve that body while we're busy in other aspects of our life & still achievable. It's really not to 'teach', but more to share my years of suffering & experiences with other people.

But eventually, I failed. I failed to keep that momentum & consistency. Last year I started writing blogs on my websites, but my motivation disappear. But don't get me wrong, I still maintain my workout session & physique while I'm busy as hell as a private Dentist in KL.

I want to quit Dentist as Full-Time job, and dream to make as Part-Time because at the moment, I'm not enjoying being a Dentist, most of the reason is dealing with patients. But I need another strong source of income/incomes before quitting.

I become angry because I had this vision when I was still young, before entering work life. I try many things but failed. Eventually, I still followed normal people life, a 9-5 job, and worse as a private dentist, someday I need to work until night time. It drained me a lot.

Until I saw your tweet & decide to buy your course. I will try to give another chance to myself to change my life. My motivation is really through the roof at the moment after finishing your course, and hope it will last long. Thank you, Helmi.

P/S, if you want to check out my website :