5 Reasons Why You Need Easyparcel Alternative (2023 Edition)

Are you a business owner? 

Does having a reliable & cheap courier service vital for your business, whether it is a single, bulk or integration courier service to your website?

Then this article is for you.

Currently, Easyparcel is one of the popular websites to compare & book couriers.

However, there’s a new kid on the block, and they’re called Delyva.

In this article, I will:

  1. Explain the shortcomings of Easyparcel
  2. What is Delyva & how does it work
  3. USP features of Delyva over the competition

Let’s go!

5 Common Problems in Easyparcel

Easyparcel is a popular courier service comparison website to help business owners deliver their products.

Easyparcel makes it easy to compare couriers online to help deliver your parcels at the best price possible.

However, there are 4 pitfalls of Easyparcel that is worth pointing out when considering a reliable & affordable courier for your business.

Let’s go over them one by one:

Easyparcel problem 1: Credit Expiration Date

In order to use Easyparcel, you have to buy their prepaid credits which start at RM20.

Not a big deal as most other courier comparison websites & Delyva also require credits.

However, the Easyparcel credits have a 365 expiration date 🙁

Easyparcel problem 2: Notifications via Email

Once you have made a delivery booking, the sender (you) & the receiver can track the shipment via SMS & email.

However, not everyone checks their SMS or email for updates. 

A better mode of contact would be WhatsApp as most Malaysians are very active on WhatsApp as opposed to SMS & email.

Easyparcel problem 3: No Instant Delivery Service

For food or urgent document deliveries, your business needs instant delivery services that can deliver items within 1 to 2 hours

However, Easyparcel can only handle regular deliveries that typically take 1 to 3 working days

These types of delivery are perfect for consumer goods but not for food or urgent document delivery.

Easyparcel problem 4: Hard to Compare Delivery Options

Most people will compare delivery options in several ways when making a decision:

  1. Real-time ETA (fastest)
  2. Price (cheapest)
  3. Area coverage (reliability)

Not all courier delivery websites can sort their comparison by all 3 methods mentioned above. 

With Delyva, you can sort the comparison by any method of your choosing, including Real-Time, which is only available on Delyva at the point of this writing.  

Delyva: Best Easyparcel Alternative in 2023

What is Delyva?

Delyva is a one-stop courier delivery comparison & booking web app, helping businesses save more time & money on shipping, scale faster & retain more customers.

Delyva streamlines your order fulfilment process and notifies your customers automatically via email, SMS or WhatsApp.

The last thing you want to deal with is a not user-friendly website that can screw up your delivery.

How Delyva Works

  1. Sign up for a free Delyva account
  2. Top up Delyva credits, starting at RM20:

3. Key in the sender & receiver delivery details

4. Compare couriers & start booking!

6 Delyva Features That Most People Don’t Know

Here are 6 Delyva’s USPs over the competition:

1. No Credit Expiration Date

No monthly or annual subscriptions & unlike Easyparcel, there is no credit expiry date.

2. Automated WhatsApp Notification 

Delyva can notify both the sender & receiver via Whatsapp, which is arguably a more relevant communication tool amongst Malaysians over SMS & email.

3. Real-Time ETA for Delivery 

Both the sender & receiver can use the tracking number to see the real-time ETA for their delivery. 

4. Bring your Own Courier Account 

If you have special rates and special SLA with your courier service partner, you can link them to Delyva’s platform.

For example, if you have a courier account with Poslaju, Ninjavan, DHL or others, you can link those existing accounts with Delyva in 3 clicks.

5. Compare by Fastest, Best-Performing & Cheapest 

Delyva lets you compare couriers not only by price but also by the fastest & best-performing.

6. Multi-Courier & Multi-Delivery Types 

No matter the product type & destination, Delyva got you covered. Delyva can handle pretty much most deliveries from modern online businesses. 

Delyva Delivery TypeExample
Instant DeliveryFood or urgent document delivery.
Same-Day DeliverySuitable for non-perishable items that need to be delivered within the same day.
Standard CourierThe best bang for your buck. Think of this as regular shipping when you purchase items from Shopee or Lazada.
International CourierFor sending documents or parcels to your overseas clients.

Wrapping it Up

As a great Easyparcel alternative, Delyva is an excellent all-in-one delivery system to deliver your goods to your customers.

As a creator myself, I particularly like the UI/UX & the design of their website.

Want to try Delyva out? Sign up below:

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